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and yet 10 days later, sigur ros played an amazing show in Boston, one of the only bands not to cancel on was one of the most transformative shows I've ever seen.

The music seems to really bring out a lot of emotions in people, but because its just abstract sound (and images when you are watching their stage show), it forces the listener to put their own meaning on it.The sound, volume, lighting, video, crowd, everything.I've never been to a show as artfully constructed as this one.It was incredible and awesome ›› I am writing this, while I am listening to my favorite album - untitled.That was the really first album I listened to from Sigur Ros. It was so damnly beautiful to had the chance to spend an evening with you.I think even people who are not all that inclined to be philosophical are guided towards that kind of experience and that speaks to the mastery of sound that Sigur Ros holds.They know how to use sound to create an environment conducive to getting past a lot of psychologic barriers that most of us walk around with everyday. My wife is a tough cookie, a Midwestern farm girl without a lot of patience for stuff that is arty or indirect.Human relations must be really valued in a place like that and perhaps they take more joy and pleasure in simple human interactions than people who live in cosmopolitan places do?I was only joking when I talked about taking mushrooms at the show (although I still think that has the potential to be a great experience), but for me, a Sigur Ros concert is extremely psychedelic.Let me tell you that within the first song, the tears were flowing and she was weeping almost all the way through the show.Afterwards she described an incredibly cathartic experience of reliving almost her entire life, hopes, dreams, hurts, triumphs, loss, love, in short, the whole human experience.

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