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Phillips has also been a principal, executive and consultant for numerous successful telecommunications companies including France Telecom, MCI and Qwest.

Nancy is the Co-Founder, Director, COO of Via West and shared her story and poignant points about building and growing a business even in the toughest of times to Lucy Sanders, CEO and Founder of the National Center for Women & Information Technology and NCWIT board member, Lee Kennedy along with Larry Nelson.

Nancy loves technology and people and has a long history with the Telecom industry.

and really understand their expense level extremely well - knowing where they can alter if they have to." Via West supports the community, sponsors many non-profits and has won many awards...listen for more great advice...

Nancy Phillips, NCWIT Hero, offers a few keys for being a successful entrepreneur: Maintain a good sense of humor; Overcome the nay-sayers; and Practice real-world economics.

So when you're building all this and trying to get the right data back to the customer it's sometimes a challenge...listen for more...

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Keywords: Jason Carolan, Viawest, Cloud, Defrag, Super Regional Data Center, Collocation, Managed Services, Hosting Provider, Innovation bytes=4380110 LISTEN to: Jason Carolan, VP Product Development, Via West The path to success isn't always flash, bang, big cash and lots of noise.

you've got someone to call and we are really happy about our support staff and that personal data center, IP provider." There's a lot of talk about the cloud.

When you talk to different people and they have different definitions or explanations of what it is...

It was 1999, when we met Roy Dimoff and Nancy Philips as they started Via West here in Denver.

"Back in the day", money was practically being thrown at companies.

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