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Updating the chrysler sebring

I took it in to Advance Auto and they did a test on it and the test said I needed a new camshaft sensor, so I replaced that part, and it still was jerking, then I took it to MIdas and they did a test and said it was the crankshaft sensor so I replaced that part.

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Streets and highways evolve – so should your Uconnect System.

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When I drive the car it jerks when I take off sometimes and then it jerks when I reach 60 or 65 miles per hour.

My son states the battery also needs to be replaced.

Had the brakes replaced shortly after purchasing from dealership, real issues with this vehicle.Won't go off till I pay twelve hundred for the compartment part to be installed (new one), labor, and extra alarm to be detached/unwired.Also, driver's side window went out on 01/24/15 which has only been a couple weeks since the service engine light went on. So, I pray it doesn't rain, cause the window is jammed lost deep down in the door and the power won't allow it to go up.After all, having an up-to-date map can help save you time and money while finding you the most direct route to your destination.It also ensures your Uconnect system has the latest roads, points of interest, addresses and more.We don't know when a new release is coming out specifically for the Chrysler Town & Country.We suggest you contact NAVTEQ directly at 1-866-4NAVTEQ (866-462-8837) for more details.If anyone does find navigation update installation instructions online, please let us know and we will post it on this page. In rare situations, some of your subscriptions might be kept as they are maintained by third parties.We replaced the positive cable to the battery and it still jerks. If that isn't it what can the problem be and again we is the Powertrain Control Module be located on a 2005 Chrysler Sebring 2.4l.light is still on auto parts store hooked a diagnostic to it said it had misfire and needed plugs I did that I had new plugs, new wires, new distributor cap, and new rotor button installed and the light still came back on It came with a factory alarm system and another one that was installed.

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