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The Monkey & The Engineer - The Grateful Dead A Bold Young Farmer - Eva Cassidy A Farmer's Son - California / Steve Spurgin A Lazy Farmer Boy - Buster Carter & Preston Young..

Only a Hobo - Rod Stewart / Blind Boy Grunt (Bob Dylan) / Papa Hobo - Paul Simon.

People cope more easily when going into new social situations and are less likely to make downward social comparisons when they practice self-affirmations.

Participants in one study that said self-affirmations before a new social encounter reduced their thoughts about being rejected compared with another group that focused on the party and who would be there. You deliberately make positive statements about yourself in your mind and aloud that are inspiring and nourishing.

The men interviewed for the story refused to go on record to discuss their dating habits while on vacation.

In my new PBS Special, Finding Your Own True Love I focus on the importance of loving self affirmations for dating success.

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