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It's Gemma's turn again." Gemma doesn't seem to have taken in what's going on. I roll Gemma into a tight headscissor, squeezing tightly and then slackening slightly, just to demonstrate what I can do. She's out, you're back in." I explain playfully, to my forlorn victim. If she's not, we have over 20 minutes left and you're going nowhere, so this could be a long match for you! I give another little harder squeeze, just to reassert my dominance. "Becky." Gemma speaks for the first time in a few minutes. I can't say for sure, but I'd say between the headscissor, leglock and arm hold, Sam must be some discomfort here. Awkwardly I find myself humping Sam's feet slightly, I feel silly, like a teenage girl having her first sexual encounter. "You can go, I think I will stay here and keep Becky company, until she's ready to leave. I've never given gratification to a woman, before Gemma, but I feel I owe it to you.

Gemma very short dress lifts, her crotch and ass there for all to see, beneath the sheer, seamless material of her pantyhose. Wow, I might consider losing a wrestling match if that's the outcome! I'm just going to take a little breather here a while. "If you don't want me to make you cum, maybe I could give you a massage, to aid your recovery." "That sounds great, where do you want me? Sam answers by me by pushing me face down to the mat, then she sits astride my back and begins to knead my shoulders.

Sam on the other hand looks similarly breathless and exhausted, but in a less aspirational way than Gemma. You'll find out in a few years, it takes a bit longer to bounce back in your 30s! Oh that feels good, which I'm sure the noises that I'm making makes clear.

It had been a couple of weeks since my wrestling encounter with Sam and Gemma, and things had been a little weird between us in the office, neither woman had been able to make eye contact with me since.

I don't know what's wrong with people today, it's getting so you can't wrestle with, or give oral sex to a colleague without some awkwardness... Anyway, yesterday I saw Gemma and Sam chatting to each other in a quiet corner of the office, near an empty meeting room. "Come in here." I said, entering the room, beckoning them in. Before I had chance to start the conversation, Gemma spoke. I thought you were regretting our last match." I said honestly, but not really knowing how to respond to the offer. " Sam asked "Nothing like last time, we just mean wrestling.

When applied correctly, the hold can be devastating, and it seems from Gemma's reaction I'm doing an ok job, I clearly haven't lost my touch.

After a matter of seconds, Gemma is shrieking her submission.

Sam doesn't even call her submission, she just taps meekly, but repeatedly on my leg. Sam lowers her head for a moment, attempting to get a semblance of lucidity back into her brain.

1- 0 - As Sam rises to make her way off the mat, to tag in Gemma, her body betrays her.

"Oh wow, don't give a girl chance to change her mind." I laughed "Yes, tomorrow actually works for me, hubby is out already, so I'm at a loose end." "Great, see you there.

I have some brand new pantyhose for you, so you don't need to bring your own." Gemma offered.

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