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Tuition has risen at twice the rate of inflation: In today's dollars, tuition, room, and board at a four-year public college ran nearly ,800 per year in 1967; it costs about ,300 today.Private-college tabs have more than doubled in that time.Another Pew report shows that those ages 55 to 64 are 10 percent wealthier today, even after the Great Recession, than Americans of that age bracket were in 1984.

Global competition is stronger than ever, but American institutions have not adapted to prepare new workers for its challenges.CRESCENT LAKE, Ore.--My father taught me how to throw a baseball and divide big numbers in my head and build a life where I'd be home in time to eat dinner with my kid most nights.He and my mother put me through college and urged me to follow my dreams.On behalf of future generations, I am accusing him and all the other parasites his age of breaking the sacred bargain that every American generation will pass a better country on to its children than the one it inherited.We are sitting on a beach in late afternoon on a sun-drizzled lake in the Cascade Mountains, two college-educated, upper-middle-class white men settling in for a week of generational warfare.At nearly every point in their lives, these Americans chose to slough the costs of those tax cuts and spending hikes onto future generations.The Dow Jones industrial average rose twelvefold from the time the first boomers began working until last year, when they began to cash out their retirement.Members of my father's generation reaped the benefits of dirt-cheap fossil fuels through most of their working lives, when gasoline price increases ran well below inflation, freeing up cash for them to save or spend on things their children now cannot afford.Because gas was so cheap, they burned too much of it (my father has never owned a car that averaged better than 20 miles per gallon), filling the atmosphere with carbon dioxide to levels that scientists warn will likely warm the globe by several degrees.Climate change will cost trillions of dollars to avert or adapt to.It's almost impossible to overstate this level of buck-passing.

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