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Dating depressed boyfriend

Almost all of us experience depression at some point.Maybe work sucks; maybe you're watching all your friends get married while your own dating life is a nightmare; maybe you're so stressed at school that nothing feels right.Unfortunately when you're out of control of your emotions, those arguments can take a toll.

Those are the two main choices, and neither are pleasant. Yes, of course — but sometimes, despite your best intentions, you can lose yourself in the process.

When I was with my depressed partners, I loved them — but I also felt stressed and scared.

It's actually coming off as you disregarding the seriousness of their pain.

Opening up to someone about all of this is hard, believe me.

Usually there IS a reason to be depressed or anxious. Emotions will run high and it's quite possible you'll get ticked off over something. It's normal for us when trying to help someone cope to relate.

Possibilities include genetics or past experiences that could have been traumatizing. "I remember this one time when I was depressed..." isn't empathetic.

No one is perfect, neither of you are for your own reasons.

They love you for all your flaws, even if they may not love themselves that way.

And when you're the partner of a depressed person, it can be tough to figure out what to do at all.

All you can do is be patient, supportive and wait for them to get help — or get fed up and break up.

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