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men fear physical and emotional closeness which they link to homosexuality; 2. there is a fear of being vulnerable in front of men; and 4.

Friendships require a level of sharing and vulnerability which many males are not used to providing to another male. Another excellent book about male development and the vandalization of male bonding is Terrence Real's "I Don't Want To Talk About It" where he talks about the role patriarchy plays in forbidding males from becoming close.

Consider in your own life, whether your closest friends are peers.

Observation - John Mc Cain used the term "friend" three times in the first presidential debate.

Would Aristotle agree with Mc Cain as to his use of the term "friend"?

(I wish to thank my wife and my two daughters, one a psychologist and one a social worker, for helping me to be a better person so I can be a better friend to other men.) Re: 1.

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