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All you need are two or three photos of you living life.

Try and find some candid shots of you doing some hobbies or hanging out with friends.

Expressions like smiles, winks, or a laughing face can make your point more clear to the girl you’re talking to, so don’t be afraid to throw them in once in a while.

Lastly, don’t ever use this line: “I hate this app. ” It’s hacky and real mean don’t need excuses for asking for a girl’s number.

Nothing will turn her off more than a picture of you trying to look cool, or a professionally taken headshot.

Creativity and a strong command of the English language will go a long way, but there are also some things you want to avoid if you want to get the most out of your online gaming time. No one is saying you have to be the next Hemingway, but being able to convey your sense of humor and personality with well-written messages goes a long way.

Try and tap into your sense of wit and let it come through in your texting.

In a lot of situations, these kinds of pictures (while totally awesome) are a trap. Look at it this way: if you can’t get through a whole conversation without commenting on how bad you want to do the no-pants dance with her, what is she going to think about your actual sexual abilities?

Keep it cool when you message her, and act almost as if you didn’t even see the picture.

Whether we like it or not, online dating is here to stay.

It may not compare to the thrill of approaching in person, but it’s still a totally viable way of meeting tons of women.

Stick to short sentences that make her laugh, and try not to say things that every other guy is saying.

Be original and, as Woody Allen says, find your funny.

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