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These small groups help members become acquainted with one another on an intimate level, and people within the group feel comfortable sharing deep concerns that they may not want to share with the entire church.

People are also more willing to accept help from someone within the group than they are from a church leader. My experience is that singles have a taboo against other singles and don't associate with each other very closely.

PJ: One of the best blessings of being a single Christian is having an unobstructed view of, focus on and worship with Christ.

At times, my mind is so consumed by the illness that I can do nothing but wonder (worry) and pray for God's help.

I'm learning that God cannot develop His body of believers if we all isolate ourselves, and asking for help is a great challenge for me.

As much as I want help at times, the idea of 'giving up my independence' is unsettling, but God uses illness to accomplish things in the life of a caregiver as well as in my own life.

The danger of isolation is that we can feed ourselves on negativity - a lack of sense of purpose, harboring our fears and depression, or coping with them in unhealthy ways.

A real private struggle is coping with the idea that we may not get to do more with our lives.

PJ: I feel fortunate because my experiences have been good because our ministry leaders have been transparent about their own struggles with chronic illnesses, either of family members or with themselves.

This encourages many people to come forward about their own needs, and as a result, our church has developed an Extended Sick Care Ministry.

Lastly, Titus ii philosophy also works for unmarried males and females.

Mentoring, or "Life-on-Life" discipleship is still the most effective tool for reaching out to singles with chronic illness.

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