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He says he looks forward to hearing from fellow Brandeisians and hopes evetyone is doing well.

— Nicole Frisch '04 Portland, Oregon Retain Was No Statesman One of the sidebars to the article on Justice Brandeis [Fall 2006] lists Henri Philippe Petain as a "French soldier and stateman. "While Petain was a senior general in World War I, his being a "statesman" must refer to his leadership of the Nazi-collaborationist Vichy Regime that ruled most of France on behalf of Nazi Ger- many from 1940 to 1944.

Obviously, this was an oversight — an incredible one, indeed.

In atten- dance were Brandeisians llena Gizberg, Audrey (Rosenberg) Dulmage, and Robin Kassner.

1999 David Nurenberg 20 Moore Street, #3 Somerville, MA 02144 [email protected] Rose Jaffe San Diego See James Feinberg '97.

In attendance were Elijah Feinstein '97, Juan Sanabria, Aaron Cohn, and Noam Gundle.

As Ellen is a graduate student at UCLA, and I'm wotking on my MD/Ph D at Boston University, we are living a bicoastal existence in Boston and Los Angeles, but will soon be settling in Boston. " Adam Greenwaidd Fort Defiance, Arizona Greenwald is a graduate student at the Carey School of Business at Arizona State University.It's beautiful, informative, and ■ipriiii: s B paonpojd a ABq p|no3 3u Bq Sjq am }Bq} aiq BAiaouo D s.JI Ad03Hl 9Nldl S : N311IAA Qd VAAQS Nicolas Currier Boston Currier writes, "I married Ellen Hendriksen in Berkeley, California, on August 25, 2006.Spring 2007 university mag a^|'^ e Archives Brandeis University magazine. B378 Michael Rush leads Brandeis's art museum through its next transformation Keeping Workers Fit Kentucky Brethren Spice Is Nice Brandeis University International Business School HIRE FOR GLOBAL SUCCESS. 50 Books 84 Class Notes Alumni profiles, births/adoptions, marriages/unions, in memoriam.ff TIFFANY TALBOn-CAREY MANAGER, COLLEGE RELATIONS & ELECTRONIC RECRUITMENT MEDIA MEADWESTVACO CORPORATION BRUCE WESTGATE PRINCIPAL AND SENIOR INVESTMENT RECRUITER STATE STREET GLOBAL ADVISORS SUDHAYERNENI MANAGING DIRECTOR BLACKROCK, INC. — l„„„^-^l^;::j:^^^^ The Brandeis International Business School is a pioneering professional school dedicated to teaching and research in global finance, management, and economic policy. 111 Games 112 Photo Finish Not such a blast after all.By Noah Lukeman '95 Kentucky Brethren Abraham Lincoln and Louis D. We are looking for enthusiastic, energetic, and passionate professionals to join our winning team. I am saddened when my alma mater reminds me of the USSR.How about presenting the conservative view on Israel, the radical left, and radical Islam?How would a prospective first-year, worried about fitting in at a school far away, feel looking at these five students?Would a student from Atlanta or Alaska, Texas or Thailand feel welcome in a class ot first-years that, from this article, looks to be almost exclusively from one region of the country?One piece is performed by Brandeis's Lydian String Quartet with special guest Paul Hedematk on piano. Robinson has lived in New York City for the past three years.For information about Robinson and his music, visit

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