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Muslim with non muslim dating

Unlike other sites our site is purely for those seeking Muslim singles for marriage in a manner that adheres to the Islamic rules on courtship.

Our membership base is made up of over 4.5 million singles from USA, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and many other countries.

The former high school gym teacher from Rosemère, Que., had been found guilty of sexual exploitation and sexual assault of a male student with whom she had a two-year relationship.

Its details, by turns tawdry and disturbing, revealed how the then 30-year-old Pontbriand acted as mentor, confidante and sexual aggressor to the 15-year-old....

Generally, non-Muslims don’t question your faith when they see you doing those things and easily accept you for you. I’m singling this particular reason out because I feel it is completely different from partying, smoking, drinking, etc.

Now I know that a lot of Muslims are having premarital sex, I am not ignorant to that, but I still think it is a minority relative to the bigger population.

They go into relationships with the thought of converting them and marrying them from the get-go and the non-Muslim may also understand this. Also, if you havent had enough of miss Afshad Azad I’ve got just the place for you:

There are obviously outliers, don’t let generalizations get in the way of understanding what I am saying. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with that but the effects it can have on you might be. I personally find this difficult to understand because Islam in itself is a way of life.I don’t see how someone following its teachings can “click’ more with someone who isn’t following its teachings, but to each their own (unless of course you aren’t following them either).) For me, non-Muslim dating started in high school.Yea, it’s high school and let’s be honest most of those relationships are puppy-love and absolutely mean nothing. You are driven to non-Muslims usually because of a lack of accessible Muslim talent and also you still think that everyone else around you thinks dating is completely wrong and no Muslim girl would want to do that with you.On paper that all sounds really nice and altruistic but let’s not pretend that that is the reason you are dating a non-Muslim.I think after further examining the whole motivation for the relationship in general, you might agree that its definitely the greater of the two evils (Assuming dating is evil…WHA!?Since 2006, thousands of happy men and women have met their soul mates on Muslima and have shared their stories with us. Let us help you fulfil your faith and earn your reward from Allah (swt). I don't believe in any religion but I do believe that God exists.My family was raised off of something called 'African Spirituality' so I didn't grow up on the "Jesus" or "Muhammad" thing.Most guys that I'm attracted to are Arab/Middle Eastern. I don't mind dating a Muslim guy at all, but I don't know much about the religion so I don't know if we're allowed to date each other.

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