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(For more on the benefits of working out with a partner, see “Strength in Numbers: The Importance of Fitness Buddies“.) However you choose to move your body, the key is picking something that feels good, says Saida Désilets, Ph D, author of Emergence of the Sensual Woman: Awakening Our Erotic Innocence. Doing some exercise that appeals to you is critical for hormonal vitality, whether it’s dancing, going to the gym, taking a walk, or horseback riding — it doesn’t really matter.” To cultivate a healthy sensual life, it’s essential to widen your practice of pleasure beyond sex.

“When we think ‘sexuality,’ we instantly conjure up an image of intercourse, but sensuality and sexuality are much deeper and broader than just that particular act,” says Désilets.

It reconstitutes us hormonally, emotionally, and spiritually.” Not only does our interest in, and energy for, sensual connections affect our general health, but the reverse is true as well: What we eat, how we move our bodies, and how we handle stress all directly influence our libidos.

“It actually lowers your cortisol, and most people can feel that — their stress response resolves.

It raises estradiol and it makes your thyroid more efficient.

“They are usually tired, have adrenal fatigue, or are depressed, or their gut isn’t working.” She recommends taking a “functional-medicine approach” that addresses the root causes of such symptoms.

“Changing the way you eat, move, think, and supplement tends to make everything better,” she says.

And that is something that many of us are often afraid to address — with our partners or ourselves.

“There’s still a lot of shame and a reluctance to shine a light on sexuality,” says functional-medicine OB-GYN Sara Gottfried, MD, the New York Times best-selling author of The Hormone Cure and The Hormone Reset Diet.

She feels this reluctance has alienated us from our rightful sensuality, making sexual pleasure “the stuff of Hollywood movies and porn rather than a real, organic, yummy part of our normal physiology.” A healthy libido has benefits that go far beyond the bedroom.

In fact, cultivating positive sensual experiences is key to our overall health, right up there with eating a nutrient-dense diet and forming good exercise habits.

That’s why a nutritional overhaul is the first thing she discusses with patients seeking a boost in their vitality and libido. They feel like new people.” It’s also critical to ditch the sugar, says functional-health coach Alexandra Jamieson, host of The Crave Cast podcast and author of Women, Food, and Desire (and this month’s cover subject).

Pick prefers a Mediterranean diet, which incorporates plenty of plant-based whole foods and good fats from nuts and olive oil: “Just by tweaking the diet, people’s energy comes up. This is because the roller-coaster blood-sugar levels that sugar can cause can wreak havoc on your libido. “Sugar is a huge hormone disruptor,” she points out.

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