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Be they video games, anime, manga, comics, or TV/movies, these fans pour their heart and soul into their craft, making elaborate, ornate costumes to do their very best to imitate their favorite characters.The main draw of these costumes, however, are the actual costumes themselves.Do your models ever work with game companies/PR firms to promote the products they enjoy, or express interest in doing so?

To help educate the masses we chatted with former cosplayer-turned-author and founder of Cosplay Deviants’ Troy Doerner about collecting and cataloging this fast-growing obsession in his company’s new book titled (what else?

) Undressing the Art of Playing Dress Up: Cosplay Deviants. Cosplay Deviants was started as a joke while I was in college to spite one of my professors.

We do not use character names on the site, so we decided against using them in the book as well.

Obviously, female cosplayers come in all shapes and sizes.

Why was the decision made to cut or omit entirely the accompanying interviews with each cosplayer?

It would have made the book stand out among other coffee table books – especially given the fact that you tout that each model is invested in their respective hobbies.

I understand how the models submit their own photos, but if the goal was to create a book inclusive of the cream of the crop, why not take care to include only the best photos you could compile? Some of our models have access to professional photographers that they are comfortable with, others are comfortable being shot by a friend.

Either way images in the book are but a sampling of the over 40,000 images found on Cosplay What is your vision for Cosplay Deviants in the future?

But you're right, this creature is more a long distance observational camera for patrols rather than an inconspicuous spy drone (there are smaller pterosaurs for that when close range obversation is needed).

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Cosplay is an art practiced by enthusiasts of each sublet of nerd culture.

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