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"I went plywood," Sheeran, now 25, jokes about that LP. I sold 100 copies."Sheeran has been going hard tonight: espresso martinis and rum-punch shots at dinner, gin and tonics at the bar.It's my birthday, and at one point he grabs my phone, takes a selfie of us and posts to my Instagram, writing "It's my birthday bitches #london #hashtag #believe #achieve #inspiration." He encourages friends to knock back pints with a drinking song that ends "Na na na na/Hey hey hey/You're a cunt!Gyllenhaal left the relationship with “Red,” his very own Taylor Swift song.

The blissful vibes continue on "Getaway Car," the kind of dramatic tune that Jack Antonoff (whose plays a big roll in the album's second half) writes for his band Bleachers.

Serial dater Taylor Swift is back with another bae, and this time he's a British guy!

CLEVELAND, Ohio - If there's one thing Taylor Swift doesn't have to worry about, it's her reputation.

No matter how many tabloids write about her, people hate on her or guys regret dating her, Swift will still sell millions of records and be the rare modern pop star whose album release feels like an epic event.

It's hard to put into words, but I was definitely wonderstruck to meet her." After hearing Young's poetic way of speaking, it's no surprise Swifty reportedly wrote the song “Enchanted” for him.

In the true fashion of a serial dater, Swift dated Gyllenhaal for only a few months (I guess there's a reason her last name is Swift).

That's what makes the rollout of her new album "Reputation" a bit disappointing.

"Look What You Made Me Do" is one of the worst songs Swift has ever released. " (Another meh song)," the first singles from "Reputation" feel like the most forceful way Swift could have came out of the gate.

As we arrive, Sheeran offers bedrooms to anyone who wants to "get rowdy," then goes to work mixing drinks.

With the possible exception of Justin Bieber, Sheeran is the biggest male pop star alive.

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