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I printed out the “soulmate checklist,” and for the next three months, I followed everything to a T. Some dates were good, some were bad, and some were really, really bizarre—like the guy who showed up in a Superman cape and shirt, and insisted I refer to him as Clark.

But ultimately, this soulmate dating experience prevented me from being honest, authentic, and present-minded because I was too busy trying to be the perfect soulmate match for another, and because I was too focused on searching for signs that he might be mine.

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One that weathers each storm, and lasts beyond measure.

This idea evokes a nagging pressure to find that kind of instant, and intense, love right off the bat—and it brings about feelings of shame as well: Why haven’t I found my soulmate when it seems like so many others have?

Then, one day, it arrived: an unsolicited email titled, “Your Soulmate Kit: Don’t Miss Out On —so many others already had! I read through the set of “rules” I was supposed to use to determine if a potential partner may be The One.

This book will guide and inspire them on their quest for a new soulmate.

Are you sick to the back teeth of searching for Mr Right, and forever ending up with Mr Wrong?

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