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Reasons not to use dating sites

"We use social networking for everything else, so why not dating?

6 Secret Places To Meet Men Maybe we're just joining the wrong gyms, but we at Your Tango aren't so convinced that the average twentysomething woman should completely shun online dating as a legitimate (and respectable) way of finding dates.

Why take on and dedicate time to additional activities and responsibilities if you can simply log on, fill out a profile, and start browsing matches in a matter of minutes?

4 Signs That A First Date Is Going Really Well"[People] work long or odd hours and don't have time to waste roaming from bar to bar on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday nights," Haemin said, and even if you have time to spare, what if the man of your dreams doesn't?

He might just be on the other side of town, volunteering or working away, and you might never find him unless you seek him out online.

e Harmony isn't about not being able to find someone on your own; it's about utilizing resources to find the right person who you might never meet otherwise."Since her boyfriend lives in New Jersey, Marissa is thankful that she ventured out of the New York social scene to find him via the internet.

"Of course there are creeps online, but there are also normal young guys who have no other way to meet girls," she said.

article arguing that online dating is for old and desperate people, namely women over the age of 30 with no relationship prospects.

Alyson Shontell, the article's 23-year-old writer, claims that women in their twenties don't need online dating, suggesting that instead of lurking behind the computer screen, they should go outside and meet people "the old-fashioned way": She names college campuses, friends of friends, the gym, and sports leagues as additional places where a young woman "running around the cities" can meet a quality man.

5 Online Dating Red Flags Women Look For This Love Buzzer decided to poll some of her own twentysomething acquaintances who have tried—and even found love on—online dating sites.

Their experiences revealed four unexpected reasons to ditch traditional dating and get online, stat.#1. Marissa, 23, from New York, found her boyfriend on after going on a series of failed dates with men she met at work and in the city's social scene."My reasoning was that [] was 70 dollars for three months, and I spend that in one or two nights going out in NYC," Marissa said.

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