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Scorpio and scorpio dating

(S)He is possessive, just like you, so it is partly a good thing because you'll create a world of your own, in which you'll feel safe, appreciated and loved.

If (s)he doesn't talk too much, you try to do it, because (s)he is in fact as introvert and taciturn as you are.

If you were attracted to his/her mysterious aura, the intense vibration of his/her feelings, the strange impression (s)he leaves on people, that's the way others see you, too.

Scorpio is quite possibly the most intense, complicated sign of the zodiac.

If you are a Scorpio, you know this first hand, and if you've dated a Scorpio, you've gotten a close and personal look.

Once a Scorpio sets her sight on a career goal, buckle up and get ready.

There's nothing that will make a Scorpio give up on their goals, including their partner.

At the affective level of the relationship, everything is all right.

In day-to-day life, don't forget that you live with someone as stubborn as you are.

If you can get a Scorpio to fall for you, chances are you won't be going back to another zodiac sign any time soon.

Everybody says it, although not everybody understands Scorpios' reasons.

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