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“So, as long as you are singing, he knows he’s not in the doghouse.

Find out which quirks drive the guys wild and how to use them to your advantage! You Have a Really Loud Laugh You may be embarrassed that you have a horse-like laugh – there’s no denying that it’s inconvenient in the library (and anywhere that you try to giggle about your crush within earshot).

Your sunny disposition will instantly lift his spirits. You Scrunch Up Your Nose When You’re Mad Like singing, a scrunched nose can lighten any mood.

No, it’s not your most attractive look (we wouldn’t recommend it for your profile pic choice, for instance).

Whether it’s show tunes or R&B, you’re always feeling the beat.

And, as a result of your quirkiness, so is everyone around you. Sometimes—such as in the middle of a serious conversation.

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