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Denture wearers dating site

Most people don’t want anyone to know that they wear false teeth, and among the biggest fears about dating is that a potential new partner will immediately know and be put off by dentures. Let’s take the most common questions and try to answer them.

Nevertheless, let me assure each of you that wearing dentures enhances your appearance, and you should go confidently forward, secure in the knowledge that you did the right thing for your long-term health. I'm married also and my husband married me when my teeth were bad. This "beth" has made 3 post about and just joined this site. I just looked at the "whois" registration on that site. I have dentures I don't care if they judge me , I had a Heart Attack 3 years ago and fell on a night stand and busted all my fronts out ,so I ended up getting the outher 19 pulled and started over with dentures ,and after a Heart Attack and dentures I still look good. Well I'm not and I've dated and have been given the cold shoulder once I've mentioned my dentures. I'm just trying to WARN you ladies that "Denture Perverts" are out there!

When i decided to get denture I was kinda worried how he would feel but then I just thought how he loved me when my teeth were ugly he's gonna love me when they r pretty. Agreed if Someone can't accept you with your Dentures or other flaws, NOT WORTH YOUR TIME!

My opinion is a simple one: As a guy I would much rather see a nice smile than have to look at problem teeth. If you have the want to see what makes these people "TICK" start there. Isn't that the site where the guy was taking images from private groups and posting them openly online and baiting women to send photos to him with their teeth out? People please don't give into the scaremongering from good old Ted, you joined this site with the risk that there could be perverts but you did anyway, why should we let the idiots win.

I do not care one bit if the nice smile is the result of good dental work or a denture. Life and love can be a gamble sometimes you win sometimes you lose but the alternative is stay in fear and that's no way to live, yes keep your wits about you but take your steps.

Hey, I found this and thought I'd share, it's a website where you can meet or date others that don't want to be judged by their teeth, such as us denture wearers.

I'm fed up of hiding and feeling ashamed, time to get out there and start dating with my dentures All: I'm probably not the one to comment on this topic since I've been married for 30 years.

The smile and the person behind it are all that matters. Those who do not accept you as you are probably do not deserve your time or your attention. Even has safety tips you should follow when communitng online, just apply that wherever you go.

How and when you reveal the fact that you wear dentures depends, again in my opinion, on the nature and the maturity of the relationship. Thanks for reading I'm adding no value, that's very welcoming considering I just joined.

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