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Dating and celibate

Just please understand that if we voice those frustrations, it’s not meant to be taken as complaints to make you feel bad for your decision, because ultimately, men also enjoy spending sex-free time together.

And we’ll be patient, we’ll ride the waves, we’ll be understanding, but just know the urges come and go, and so we need your patience and understanding when we get a little tied up.

You become fearful that she may no longer see you as being understanding or supportive, and sometimes you feel like an animal because you’re ashamed for wanting something you’ve enjoyed for so many years.Maybe our self-discipline isn’t as strong as a woman’s.Maybe a lot of us are just used to having sex and being on a dry spell is new territory, one that we’re not entirely sure how to navigate.Being sexually frustrated is tough, especially when you are constantly being reminded of it through the media and social media.Truth be told, some men feel as if they are sacrificing an amazing experience, and it’s not always clear if that sacrifice is worth it.Some men will play the role as if they’re cool with that concept and leave as soon as they get what they want.Does that factor in a woman’s decision in practicing celibacy?As I venture out into the dating world, I run into a lot more women who are practicing celibacy (including the woman I’m currently dating).And while I feel like women who practice celibacy for the purpose of bettering themselves should be celebrated and appreciated, I can’t deny the fact that, as a man, it can become quite difficult.Sex, while it can be seen as just a hobby done by a lot of people who are in the heat of the moment, is still a physical act where we feel we can show how much we are into you.Yes, there are still a lot of men who will try to rush you into sex, but there are still some men out there, myself included, who will continue to wait until you’re ready, regardless of how frustrating it can be.

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