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Todd: “The opportunity to work on this project with Coca-Cola was exciting – Coke is part of our pop culture, a common touchstone for people all over the world.

Shortly thereafter, Todd became part of the lead animation team for the internationally renowned cartoon, Sponge Bob Square Pants.

Over the next three years, Todd sharpened his eye in storyboarding, illustration and character design.

After the passing of her husband this tradition continued on only with her girl friends now coming over for the games, they would gather and have a great time in her words ‘with wine and gossip of another time’ (future painting perhaps) She said how they still loved that painting so much but now felt that the time had changed and now the women were the sharks, they had conquered.

In her cheerful telling of the story with all the excitement of the night I felt the loss of her true love, now I had a reason, a story.” What is the most recognizable brand name in the world?

This served as my inspiration, both in working with Coca-Cola and in creating the initial sketches for the project.

Any marriage between art and the corporate world is precarious, at best, but in this case I think we have achieved something that invokes thoughts of joy, romance, laughter and intimacy, feelings that, like art itself, the world could use a little more of.” In October we will be offering something special to commemorate this historic event: a very limited edition collection of the original sketches created by Todd for the project as well as the unique and very collectable bottles themselves, all of which will be presented in special packaging designed for the occasion.“Simply Complicated” UK Edition of 75 Embellished Canvas on Board 30” x 22” ONLY: HC, PP, AP and DE available in the U. A True vision of the night – playful, dark and sexy, with seductive, attractive women and a lurking dark passenger all around them, wishing for a place in that inner circle.“Perfect For The Part” Worldwide Limited Edition of 135 31.5″ x 26.5″ “This town of glitz and glamor has what I call the ‘start of dreams’ with most ending there, at the start.But who is the artist behind the art and where did his unique style come from? Studios while working on the popular series, Tiny Toons.Through character clean-up and development, Todd began to forge his own artistic style.An asymmetrical face tells of an asymmetrical life, of how life wears and how we wear life – what we choose to carry in our hands and on our faces – how we wear ourselves, what smoke and color we stand in.Todd’s paintings are captivating, demanding a second look, often invoking humor or thoughts of familiar feelings – “I’ve been there, I know them.” Above all, the work is infectious and has caught the attention of the public (galleries cannot keep enough of Todd’s work in stock) as well as celebrities (Vin Diesel, Hugh Hefner, Michael Douglas, Macaulay Culkin and Joe Roggin are collectors of Todd’s oil paintings).one more drink, one more funny story, “let me get that for you because when you look that good, if I’m lucky enough I’ll be tickling you in the morning.” I don’t think the girls are buying it… “Devil’s In The Details” Worldwide Edition Of 135 Embellished Canvas on Board 30” x 22” A True vision of the night – playful, dark and sexy, with seductive, attractive women and a lurking dark passenger all around them, wishing for a place in that inner circle.“A Bit Salty” Worldwide Edition Of 50 Embellished Canvas on Board 28” x 33.5” Anyone who is a master of his craft and passionate about what he does can become a bit salty when questioned too closely….Todd White captures restaurant, night and Hollywood scenes with contrasting colors serving the viewer’s eyes as those in his stolen scenes serve or are served-wine, coffee, cigarettes, cigars, martinis and sex.He creates timeless scenes of diverse attraction, of known intimacy.

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