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Queer dating game wwu

For the girl on the go, dating apps are also a viable option to meet hotties.

Brenda and Pink Lesbian Dating & Chat are exclusively lesbian dating apps, but popular apps like Tinder also have options for women seeking women. A softball field Alright, alright; we don’t want to play into stereotypes here, but there’s no denying that softball is a very queer-girl-oriented sport.

Planet Sappho and are two popular lesbian dating websites you could try.

A lot of club patrons are there to meet potential partners, so there's a good chance a girl you approach will be looking to meet girls, too.

If you see a cutie across the dance floor, buy her a drink or just start dancing with her—don't be shy!

If things go well, you can even ask her on a date to the food court conveniently located in the very same building!

And if you don't find a girl, at least you got the chance to shop for a new summer wardrobe. Your local gay and lesbian center Local gay and lesbian centers are particularly awesome because almost every girl there is guaranteed to be queer.

Does hitting on a girl at the mall sound intimidating? An easy way to approach a cute girl is to check out the products she's looking at.

Queer dating game wwu

Try making a comment on how pretty a shirt she's buying is or ask her about a CD she's checking out.

Summer romances are not just for the heteros, and while lovely queer ladies may be harder to find than men, they could be waiting just around the corner!

Here are some summer hot spots that are perfect for meeting cute girls, as well as some tips for starting the conversation that could lead to your steamy summer romance. A gay bar or club A gay club is an obvious place to meet girls, especially a club catered specifically toward lesbians.

Just be wary of dating a girl on the same team as you, because a bad breakup could not only ruin a good relationship, but also a whole team.

Love can be found in a lot of different places (even hopeless places, according to Rihanna), but some locations are more fruitful than others.

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