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***************** Girls r Just Like Computer Ram"s They remember Every Thing Until u Keep Them Charged With Your Sweetness Once The Connection Interrupted Their Memory Will Be Refreshed And The Process Starts Again ***************** This is a moon which learns from you, That is a sun which respects you, There are stars which shine for you, And here .... ***************** A smile is the best lighting system of the face, the best cooling system of the head, and the best warming system of the heart. =) ***************** What is the difference between your and my smile?

************** Three words that can change A woman's mood for Almost an entire day: "Good Morning Sweety / Beautiful" ************** I love your eyes I love your smile. ***************** In our Home We do second chances We say grace We do i'm sorry's We play hard we do loud really well We give hugs We do love We are Family.

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So it’s a secure and fantastic way of hooking up with someone. if you do not like me then raise your "standard"... ***************** Forgive my eyes for admiring your beauty. We deliver a whole lot of entertainment stuff of Flirt text messages and Flirt wishes for you absolutely free. ***************** If you like me then raise your hand ..... ***************** A man was looking at a painting for a long time of a naked woman with leaves covering the body, he was asked wat he was doing & he answered - waiting 4 autumn. dont is nobody ***************** Girls misuse it! We are among the most organized and pleasing marathi flirt sms, working hard with determination to provide you special and original large collection of flirt text messages. As we all know that Flirt is very common we can also say that these moments are a part of our life and they hurt really great.Callers record a personal greeting, and then choose who they want to talk with or meet.All callers benefit from the confidentiality of the different interactive voice response systems that phone dating provides. My love for you is strong and brighter than any light. ************** If loving you are wrong, then I don't want be right. ************** Value of relation is not that how much you feel happy with some one But it is that How much you feel ALONE without someone.. ************** Boy: Tum Gana Bohot Acha Gati Ho, Girl: Thanx But I Am Just Bathroom Singer.. ***************** you can fall from a mountain, you can fall from a tree, but the best way to fall, Is to fall in love with me. A Boy Can Do Every thing for Girl Now reverse the order, can you guess the full form of: G F E D C B A ? Married :) ***************** Love is Sweet, Love is sad, But with me in bed Love is the best thing you ever had. Never say i can't live without u, say I live for you. ************** Its too heard to loose someone who i Z 99% cute, 98% sweet, 97% loving, 96% talented and 100% friendly, Thats me, whats a waste of life if u loose me. ***************** Knowing a friend like you has made me happy in a million ways & if Ever I Have to Let u go??? ***************** Touch my heart & you will feel, Listen to my heart & you will hear, Look into my heart & you will see , that you will always be a special part of me. Pay Bill Dear ***************** Do you know whats A B C D E F G? Our team at all best messages are working day and night to provide you the latest and new Flirt mobile sms and Flirt jokes. Make your friends conscious about you in a cute way by forwarding msgs Flirt and Flirt lines. We are very thankful to you for visiting for sms Flirt, Flirt forwards, and best Flirt sms ideas! We offer a latest and newest Flirt sms and other related funny Flirt text sms collection in Urdu, Hindi Marathi and English.

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