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We have 991 publicly available Zenbu wireless (Wi-Fi) hotspots throughout New Zealand, the Cook Islands and Australia.

Currently 3906 people are connected and using the internet at our hotspots.

We have received numerous requests from Australian business operators over the years who have wanted to use the Zenbu wireless system to provide internet access to their customers.

Up until 2012 the answer was simply that our system could not be used in Australia. It's the same reliable, easy to use, affordable Zenbu wireless system as always, now it's just optimized for use in Australia also.

The next month another $14 is used (another $7 credited to your account), then by the 26th of the third month an additional $16 ($8 for your account) is used.

On the 26th of the third month you would be paid $6 $7 $8 = $21. As soon as you are owed at least $20 you get paid the total accumulated amount.

The Australian Wi-Fi hotspot service is available at

Credit purchased for use in New Zealand and the Cook Islands cannot be used in Australia.

Credit purchased online can be used at all Zenbu wireless zones in New Zealand and the Cook Islands.

Say one month people use worth of credit at your place (your account would receive in credit).

If you'd like to become part of the Zenbu wireless network you can order your own Zenbu wireless system here.

Just connect the Zenbu wireless router to your broadband internet connection and you're ready to go!

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