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Martial arts films are a subgenre of action films, which feature numerous martial arts fights between characters.

These fights are usually the films' primary appeal and entertainment value, and often are a method of storytelling and character expression and development.

During the 1970s and 1980s, the most visible presence of martial arts films was the hundreds of English dubbed kung fu and ninja films produced by the Shaw Brothers, Godfrey Ho, and other Hong Kong producers.Others of you mentioned Larry Anthony and I will be speaking to him.Another talked about trying to "stem the flood of male suicides" and a shiver went down my spine.Martial arts films have been produced all over the world, but the genre has been dominated by Hong Kong action cinema, peaking from 1971 with the rise of Bruce Lee until the mid-1990s with a general decline in the industry.Other notable figures in the genre include Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Sammo Hung, Yuen Biao, and Donnie Yen.That marriage and parenthood could do this to people is a scandal.Opponents point to domestic violence as reason enough why shared parenting is not an option.Martial arts are frequently featured in training scenes and other sequences in addition to fights.Martial arts films commonly include other types of action, such as hand-to-hand combat, stuntwork, chases, and gunfights.These films were widely broadcast on North American television on weekend timeslots that were often colloquially known as Kung Fu Theater, Black Belt Theater, or variations thereof.Inclusive in this list of films are commercial classics like The Big Boss, Drunken Master, and One Armed Boxer.

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