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Are charlize theron and keanu reeves dating

Keanu, 45, and Charlize, 34, weren’t shy about their PDA while waiting for the valet after sharing a romantic dinner at Bouchon restaurant. Oh, I'm sure bitch was just trying to steal his wallet or snatch his last joint. Even this video from TMZ of Charlize and Keanu hugging and kissing doesn't prove that they are High Times Magazine's IT couple of the year.

Eating a pot brownie in the bathroom of a restaurant will cause you to hug anything from a fire extinguisher to a Bush to a hobo wearing a scarf (aka Keanu Reeves). me...s Share URL=true Meanwhile in a crazy house somewhere in Canada, Karen Sala is gnawing on her straitjacket in between screaming about how Shape-Shifter Keanu Reeves has struck again!

‘I knew nothing about this world’, insisted Charlize, explaining how the discussion had come about at the Women’s March in Park City.

‘Anyway we were there and she was on her phone and she showed it to me, explaining it to me in that Chelsea Handler way which is like “Yeah, everyone’s doing this.

Penn and Theron were friends for many years before they started dating in 2014.

They were first spotted on a trip in Hawaii, and in May 2014, she opened up to Esquire UK , saying, "It was nice to be single and now it's nice to be not single." In June 2015, the couple broke off their engagement, but remained friends.

A big fan of earthing/grounding, she recently said: “Earthing…

is healthy for our souls and bodies.”MADAME TUSSAUDS has denied allegations of racism surrounding its new waxwork of Beyoncé.

Charlize Theron is one of the most sought after women in the world, and with her ex boyfriends ranging from Sean Penn and Ryan Reynolds to Keanu Reeves, you would assume that she would never have to even go near a dating app.

It seems, however, that no amount of beauty, intelligence and Oscar wins can exempt you from the perils of dating.

While her acting career has been successful, many fans might wonder what the deal is with her personal life. As of right now, Theron is single after breaking up with Sean Penn in 2015.

She is also mother to two children: Jackson, a son who she adopted in 2012, and August, a daughter adopted in July 2015.

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