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Ironically, it’s the one that we should probably talk the most about: pleasure. Wade, hookup buddies are shy about telling their partners want they want in bed.She says that this is partially due to women wanting to seem laid-back, and we agree with her when she says that it’s a major problem.Out of all the things we wish we could say, this one is probably the scariest. The funny thing about this one is that it should be completely obvious.

Maybe you originally thought you wanted a carefree, no-strings-attached relationship.

If or when that changes, though, you should to tell him or her you’re no longer getting what you want. Carole Lieberman, a Beverly Hills psychiatrist and author of , encourages women to be honest with their sexual partner about why they want to move on.

“You should be able to tell your hookup buddy, ‘Hey, this arrangement has been great, but now I’m feeling a little empty after each time we have sex and I want something more meaningful with someone,’” Dr. Opening up about your feelings may seem scary, but the only way to open yourself up to other potential romances is to end the relationship you’re currently unsatisfied in.

While experts agree that friends with benefits are bad at communicating with each other about practically everything, there’s one topic that couples in kinds of relationships tend to avoid.

Last year I received an email from Lonnie's fiancé that directed me to their new engagement website. Here's what happened: two months ago, Lonnie's fiancé called him, but he didn't answer the phone.

A few months later, she sent an e-mail notifying me that the relationship was over. As word of his engagement website spread through his social network, Lonnie's guaranteed advertising accounts began to evaporate. She sent him a text message that she was going to pick up some Chinese takeout, and that she was on her way home.

“I wish he had offered to let me leave a toothbrush and makeup remover over there,” she says.

“I would have to wake up and sneak into his bathroom in the middle of the night to brush my teeth with my finger.” No one wants to brush her teeth with her finger at 2 a.m. That isn’t exactly rocket science; after all, in the movies, the couple always ends up together.

“When people are scared, they just don’t define the situation, which makes it really hard to redefine the situation if you ever want to,” Dr. “There should always be an open door to talk about what the relationship is.” As Dr.

Wade explains, not defining the relationship can cause awkward issues later on.

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