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He wore a midnight blue shirt with a zipper going down the middle, yellow wristbands, a small blue cape of some sort, and a blue hat with a few zippers on it. The other figure is a six-foot-tall dog humanoid, and he had black fur, a tan muzzle, two buck teeth, and he wore a funny yellow hat, red goggles, a green turtle neck, a black vest, white gloves, yellow cargo pants, a black belt, and yellow shoes. It is made to keep away any adults, especially candy pirates! For someone who is second in command, she sure knows her desiugns.,"Well, how cute." Numbuh 1 said with a grin."Uh..what? He didn't say what she thought he said."A picture of a house! "As Numbuh 5 looks at the blueprints and Numbuh 1 in concern, the leader said, "Don't worry, Numbuh 5. "Numbuh 2 made his out of straw." We now see Numbuh 4 finishing his up with sticks. "Man, you guys are crazy." groaned Numbuh 5 as she came over to the two. I mean we are too strong and too smart for those cruddy adults! He wears a pirate hat, an eyepatch, a black coat, black gloves, a black belt, black pants, a brown boot, and a candy cane pegleg.

"I mean classic fairy tale stories we all love.""Geez, not sure if we should do that. Turning to the camera, he said, "Now for our first story. "To make matters worst, I have to have my feet as usual in this bucket of water! " yelled Carl the Cockroach Wizard impatiently."Fine! By doing so, he allows a sandbag to hit the cockroach making him yell, "Ouch! Time to collect some more."Arrr, little children, let me in! Soon we see Goofy in shepherd clothes running in as Donald said, "To tell you folks the truth, the shepherd is not only a goof who miss his cue...""Sorry." apologized Goofy sheepishly."..he always have a back habit of overreacting."Goofy walks around and nearly trips on something. "I think it feels like...""Meega thinks it's an earthquake!

We got 6 great stories that can be remaked by us all! "As the music is performed, we see words appearing on the white billboard that tells the stories you will all read in this fan-fictions."The Three KND Members""King Finster""The Goof Who Cried Lion""Rumpleduckskin""Kuzco's New Clothes""The Care Bears and the Halfa Shoemaker"We go inside the theater as two figures, the ones who were speaking, looks in front of the camera. As the crowd goes in to find their seat, Donald continued, "This is the Fanfiction Theater where we will bring you all stories of old! She is a pony-tailed African American girl wearing a red cap wearing a blue shirt named Abigail ' Abby' Lincoln AKA Numbuh 4. "With a laugh, Stickybeard knocks on the door making Numbuh 2 called from inside, "Yeah, who is it? "Numbuh 4 opens the door and yelps as he sees Stickybeard and his candy pirates coming. Once the pirates got near, Stickybeard eyes the house as he said sarcastically, "Oh, house of sticks. " Knocking on the door he said, "Okay, kiddies, I know you two be in there! " laughed the pirate leader as they got their cannon over there. As we see them, we see the Milt Appleday characters in the background getting ready for the orchestra. "That girl you see before you is Numbuh 5, the third kid and the middle little KND member." narrated Donald."Gawrsh. She looks kinda big." observed Goofy."Watch it, Goof! "Numbuh 5 proudly shows her the blueprints as she said, "This is what I planned to have for a dream house. In the forest, the three KND members leave to begin their way into the world."As you can see, the 3 members of Kids Next Door went out and begin making homes of their own." Donald narrated. "Soon a group of candy pirates came by Numbuh 2's house of straw. Once more, the pirate leader fires the cannon at the house and once more, another house got destroyed. One of the figures a duck and he had blue eyes, a yellow bill, orange legs and feet, and white feathers. " scowled Numbuh 5 as she turned at the camera and snapped."Numbuh 5, it's time for you to get going." Numbuh 1 said sternly as he came over. Numbuh 3 is already gone (she was eager and doesn't want to wait anyway)."I am ready, Numbuh 1. A state of the art brick house, incorporating, high tech security systems. We see an area where Numbuh 2 got his house done out of straw. "The two headbutt each others, both boys falling to the ground. Those two boys are so going to regret it."Man, and these two got into the Kids Next Door? Later that night, all the lights are off for tonight."Later that night, as you can guess it you all read this, the kids were already in bed in their own houses." narrated Donald. Their leader is a bald pirate with some teeth missing and his remaining teeth being rotten yellow and a red beard with some candy stuck into it. Numbuhs 2 and 4 yelps as they run out of the wreckage as the pirates begin to loot it for the remains."Cruddy heck! For those who haven't heard of the fic or haven't seen it, the Muppets in the said special retell the 6 classic fairy tales you all know and love. Everyone got into their seats quickly as the Milt Appleday Characters begins to perform. The other one is a boy about ten-years-old with a blond mullet hairstyle, who was wearing a orange hoody with blue jeans and black and white sneakers. " Numbuh 4 asked pointing to the woods."In the woods? "Stickybeard rolls his eye (his only one) as he said, "Why do they be doing it the hard way? We will yowl, and howl, and blow this straw house to smithereens! Check the remains before we go after the next house, men! "Growling, Stickybeard charges at the KND member but Numbuh 5 slams the door on his face. "Inside the house, the two covered themselves with blankets. If you can't find it on video, then check out Youtube. We hear muttering and applause as the curtain lifts up to begin the first story of the fan-fiction. " Said Gofoy."Yes."We see two boys playing together ramming into each other like little kids. One of them is a fat kid wearing a blue shirt, brown pants, and he is currently a pilot's hat. His name is Wallabee ' Wally' Beatles AKA Numbuh 4."Now these kids lived with their leader Numbuh 1 AKA Nigel Uno. As the two boys rammed each other again, someone appears. He had a bald head and wore sunglasses, along with a red long-sleeved shirt, gray shorts, white socks and brown shoes. " asked the two at once."Precisely." Numbuh 1 said nodding, happy that the two got the idea. "The candy pirates get a cannon out aiming it at the straw house. " laughed Stickybeard as the candy pirates search the straw house getting the candy they could find in there. Geez, Numbuh 5 never get any alone time." groaned Numbuh 5's voice. The pirate cringes as he walks off holding his peg leg which got broken off. The candy pirates thing has them both spoke."Hey, Numbuh 5." said Numbuh 2 scared."Mind keeping those blokes away from us? On stage, Davy Jones pull on the rope."Arrr, I am not a villain in this play and I have to help out." whined Davy as Captain Barbossa goes by him. You can stay but only if you do me one little thing." Numbuh 4 said."And that is? We cut to the next day as Donald narrated, "Anyway, the next day, when dawn has arrived, Stickybeard and his men came for the candy as usual."Sure enough, we see the villains and his men coming by. That candy he and his pirates have last night was so good. The kids' real mother Angel was killed a year before. " yelled Goofy horrified as Lilo and her kids look worried. In the orchestra pit, Golly Gopher gets a stick as the band plays a bit. She coulda let Stickybeard and his men take them, but she changed her mind now."All right, tell you two what. Numbuh 5: Oh, you can talk about my brains and you can talk about my beauty You can talk about my attitude and pride But if you wanna hear the sound of door that makes it open Better show you know the me that sits inside The song is now over. Stickybeard tries again as he knocked saying, "Little children, little children, let me in! He was Stitch Pelekai Jr., The Eighth oldest and youngest of Stitch's children. She is a panther experiment with brown eyes and black fur wearing a Hawaiian dress. She is Stitch's Kids' step mother and Stitch's wife. That is until Goofy rushes in and screams, "Earthquake! " said Mickey and Minnie confused."I mean, this place is not safe for super heroes! "That will work."Goofy puts the socks down while Sid cringes at the water he drank. "The sun will dry these socks and..." Goofy suddenly yelps as some water got spit on them by, unknowingly to the goof, Sid. ""Angie, I know you wanted the touch but I really wanted for peace in the world." said Chuckie disappointed. He had retractable antennas, arms, and quills, and he wore an orange and blue jumpsuit. She somehow expected Jack Spicer will bring that lie up. Nervously, she continued, "It's a family secret, only I know how.""Good! He shrugs as he continues to narrated, "And so, Jack Spicer takes Ariel to the room where the straw waits for her."Ariel soon finds herself in the said room. " Donald sniffs something as he said, "Hey is it burning in here or is it just me? "Oh, just me.""What a weird little duck thingie.""I heard that, toots! Back in the dungeon, Ariel woke up and looked at the sky."Wow, it's morning. If I were Lord Voldemort, you'd all be dead by now. It seems Melody's fate will be sealed."Despite how much they all tried, no one knows who Donald's character name is. He was kinda thin with giant forearms, and he wore huge glasses. My name is Triton, the said miller and Ariel's father, Your Majesty." He pauses and said quickly, "Well, when I said ' Your Majesty', I meant you, not me. " snapped Jack Spicer as he slaps Triton shutting him up. Ariel here can spin straw into gold."Ariel looks worried. ""How should I..." Ariel yelps as her father nudges her to play along. ""Gawrsh, and I thought I was the clumsy one." said Goofy amazed. At this point, Donald reply, "Get the picture, lady? Outside the castle, Goofy is seen narrating some more, "Pretty soon, the weird guy spun the straw into gold throughout the night."Soon we hear a rooster crows as day came. He gasps and smirks like a greedy gold as he sees all the gold in the room. "I'd take this gold while you make some more.""What?! Take it or leave it." Jack Spicer leaves as Ariel looks sad. "Ariel sighs sadly as she sat on the gold Donald has made as she said, "This is not good."Ariel knew she wouldn't be able to repeat the task. Well, I assumed since, he was He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, that the name was, well, you get the idea." Donald answer back, "Oh, please. You can't..."Donald snapped as he interrupted the queen, "Wak, don't tell me what's fair, okay? Do you think I like it when my mom send me away every summer until I am 18, especially with a name like..." The weird guy/duck stops as he noticed Sora, Ariel, Triton, and Jack Spicer listening in, hoping he would slip the name out. The pirates continued to climb down unaware of what the KND member is about to do. Donald comment to Goofy, "Just be thankful that this is one of the extremely few Muppet specials where Statler and Waldorf don't show up, so we won't have to worry about any hecklers here. He was also very overweight, hardly muscular, but slightly big for his age. " groaned Numbuh 5 as she then sets the rocket inside the chimney. "Gold braid, gold shoes, gold locks..second thought, that is for another story.""Continue, satyr! He had dark-purple groomed outer-fur, and his inner-fur (Underbelly) was a Teal. " Goofy listens as the panther experiment whispers into the shepherd's ear, with Pete listening in as well.

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