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The GSo C is an excellent opportunity for gaining real-world experience in software design and making one’s self known in the broader open source community. Initial project ideas can be found here, although new projects ideas are welcome.

For new projects time is of the essence: there is typically some idea-polishing which must occur before the proposing the idea formally.

and many buildsystems, such as autotools, do support incremental compilation, Gentoo with stock Portage does not take advantage of it.

This should also give users the updated default configuration file.

--- Change Log 2003-02-23 .000000000 -0500 Change 2003-02-23 .000000000 -0500 @@ -2,6 2,13 @@ # Copyright 2000-2003 Gentoo Technologies, Inc.; Distributed under the GPL v2 # $Header$ metalog-0.1-r1.ebuild : Bump revision to fix bug #999.

If you need special formatting in the Change Log, then you can either (1) run echangelog with no text on the command-line, and make sure that your text won't be too wide, (2) edit the Change Log manually.

If you prefer (2), I'd recommend something like "echangelog blah" so that the header lines are computed correctly, then edit and change "blah" to your preferred text.

For example, you should run "cvs add" on your files, otherwise echangelog won't know those files are part of the update.

If your text would cause the Change Log entry to exceed 80 columns, it will be rewrapped to keep the Change Log neat.Students who want to spend their summer having fun and writing code can do so now for Gentoo.Gentoo has been accepted as a mentoring organization for this year’s Google Summer of Code.There are now 14 current and one former developer in planned attendance, along with many from the Gentoo community.This year one Gentoo related talk titled If you attend don’t miss out on your opportunity to build the Gentoo web-of-trust by bringing a valid governmental ID, a printed key fingerprint, and various UIDs you want certified. The actual difficulty with using incremental compilation would be getting packages to build reliably in this fashion.It is much easier to be assured that a build will be both successful, correct, and reproducible if you always do a clean build.Those with unanswered questions should not hesitate to contact the Summer of Code mentors via the mailing list.Excitement is building with FOSDEM 2018 only a few days away.Unfortunately the existence of both formats will undoubtedly cause much confusion.This also means that the examples above are wrong, since I just copied them from some old email.

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