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It is surrounded by many other Neolithic earthworks and tombs and although commonly associated with the Celts, the site pre-dates their arrival in Ireland by thousands of years.

In legend it is the place where the Tuatha De Danann reigned.

Thoth was a moon god who was said to have brought wisdom and writing to the world.

These primates are not indigenous to Ireland and the archaeological complex surrounding Tara dates back thousands of years.

If bones of an ape had been found at any point, do we have a precedent for such a burial at any other of Ireland’s most ancient sacred places? During excavations at Eimhain Macha (Navan Fort) in County Armagh, the skull of a Barbary ape was found.

As Con Connor, Arch Druid of Ireland’s Celtic Druid Temple writes, “Why was such a ritual burial in a royal site not cause for focused investigation?

” In her work, , author Lynn Brunet writes that, “Furthermore, the Irish Masonic author, J. Penny notes that a skeleton of a Barbary ape had been found at Tara, the mythical center of Ireland and seat of the High King.” But why would there have been such strange bones buried at this site?

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