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Error validating check constraint

CHECK constraints reject values that evaluate to FALSE.

For example, suppose you place a constraint on an column My Column specifying that My Column can contain only the value 10 (My Column = 10).

If you insert the value NULL into My Column, the Database Engine inserts NULL and does not return an error.

A CHECK constraint returns TRUE when the condition it is checking is not FALSE for any row in the table. If a table that has just been created does not have any rows, any CHECK constraint on this table is considered valid.

This situation can produce unexpected results, as in the following example.

Very smart  When data was entered or the value was changed the Validation Rule setting kicked in and since there was no specific rule, an error message showed up and you know the rest.

CHECK constraints enforce domain integrity by limiting the values that are accepted by one or more columns.

This prevents salaries from being entered beyond the regular salary range. You can apply multiple CHECK constraints to a single column.

You can also apply a single CHECK constraint to multiple columns by creating it at the table level.

UNIQ_A) - duplicate keys found [email protected] I think from here on out I'll be using asktom in the same way that I use google to find out how to fix my the error message and see what happens.

With google, you'll end up with oracle docs in russian that mention the command you're using.

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