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Vanness wu dating 2016

According to “close friends”, his girlfriend Arissa Cheo was the person that he was dating back in 2006.She is apparently from a rich family in Singapore and has two brothers who are studying in California.She also appeared in the music video for his song “My Kingdom”.

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There’s no such thing as betrayal or no betrayal in love Just because of running out of our fate, we’d be separated I still can bear it Though there are regrets again after the romance A part of my heart is disabled At least I find the part of the answer to my life Every disappointing obstacle Has its own meaning with goodwill To see how best my hopes could be Who has never got hurt?

Now, nine months after their argument, speculations are rife that they still have not patched things up as they still are not "friends" on the particular social media site.

Fans of F4 singer Vanness and Arissa concerned as for the past few months, there has allegedly been no interaction between the two.

After an Instagram feud between the two, Vanness and Arissa even stopped following each other. However, not wanting the dispute to go viral, both Arissa and Vanness quickly deleted their messages and unfollowed each other’s accounts.

Arissa Cheo Calls Vanness Wu Two-Faced During their honeymoon vacation around the world, Vanness and Arissa frequently expressed their love for each other and posted sweet photos on their Instagram accounts. Spotted at the airport, Vanness refused to respond on the rumors of his marital problems with Arissa.In August last year, the couple had a publicized argument, dissing each other via cryptic posts and comments on their personal Instagram accounts.The high-profile couple unfollowed each other after the fight.According to Asian Pop News, Vanness is in Beijing, China filming for a movie, while Arissa is back in her hometown in Singapore, actively managing her fashion empire.Moreover, Vanness' manager spoke up about the issue and revealed that the couple is still married.The marriage between singer-actor Vanness Wu and his wife, Arissa Cheo is reportedly on the brink of divorce.Rumors have been recurring over the past two years that the couple is having problems in their relationship.Although she escapes death, she accidentally enters her enemy’s territory and she assumes the identity of Li Wei Yang, the daughter of a tutor.She suffers many hardships but eventually utilizes her wisdom and sense of justice to become a powerful woman as well as gaining a beautiful romance.I especially love the aesthetics and the scheming that goes on lol.The plot overview from viki: The Northern Liang Dynasty was obliterated one night leaving behind the kindhearted Princess Feng Xin Er as an orphan.

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