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For example, "96" indicates a load-carrying capacity of 1565 lb. The load index for most passenger car tires ranges from 75-100.

The section height is approximately the distance from the rim to the tread surface of the tire when it is not carrying any weight. Some passenger car tires may not have a “P” and are considered hard-metric tires.Some light trucks and SUV’s are equipped with original equipment P-metric or hard-metric tires.Tires with a “LT” are for light truck or SUV use only.Load Index Chart Speed Symbol Chart Speed ratings are determined by indoor laboratory testing methods, which measure high-speed tire durability under controlled test conditions.These test procedures do not take into account underinflation, tire damage, vehicle characteristics or road conditions which can lead to sudden tire failure or loss of vehicle control at much lower speeds than indicated by the tire's speed rating.Recently it became mandatory to apply a partial DOT serial number on the sidewall opposite the complete DOT serial number.The partial DOT serial shows manufacturer, plant and tire size information.You can learn more about changing the diameter of the wheels of your car in the Plus Sizing section.The "R" stands for "radial," indicating the tire has radial construction.The width of a tire is referred to as its section width.This is the width of an inflated tire in millimeters at its widest point from sidewall to sidewall.

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