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So take your time, search for alternatives, don't replace what can be repaired or rebuilt.If you get in a hurry, you will pay a price, both in lost time and wasted money.Take care in comparing and evaluating any part you receive or order from anyone, yep, even me!

The Grimy Man is better described in this article by John H. Proff or not I don't know, but he did his job well in passing them along. (or reading the papers, watching your televised imitation of news, and listening to any professional "authority".) They are why I put these databases together over the last many years.(HERE)The D7 3T (or the variant 4T and 6T) has always been one of my favorite machines.It is well balanced bulldozer and will do a heavy duty job without tearing itself up in the process.The video was supplied by the good folks at "English Russia" where indeed "something cool happens daily on 1/6th of the earths surface." You can also see a pictorial record of the history of Russian crawler production and design and agricultural tractor development in our picture albums.We have shipped parts to Russia, and the mechanics and equipment owners there certainly exercise ingenuity and resourcefulness.As you read on my original home page am a junkman! He will have a solution before most of us perceive that a problem exists. Fred Proff, also left me with words that have served me well when dealing with both animate and inanimate objects: "Wisdom is the ability to NOT jump to conclusions" Whether these words originated with Dr. A Grimy Man is perfectly capable of fitting a square peg into a round hole.It has taken a lot of time to create and organize them. Of course all the manufacturers names belong to them, I am not associated with any, and they are just reference points to help identify part numbers and get you going in the right direction.While I have been parting equipment out for over 3 decades, I can not help everyone with all of their needs but I can help by giving you, the aspiring Grimy Man, enough information to help yourself.A disc creates some formidable fire breaks.) While only a 26000 lb machine (bare) that cost ,000 when new (early 50's) the D7 3T is still a popular and productive machine. Their ingenuity and willingness to learn about and to work on their machine is an example we are all familiar with when struggling with our own older equipment. Tito (in the middle of the "Crew" picture) was instrumental in arranging and handling the logistics with us for an engine replacement for an old Cat #12 grader in the Yucatan peninsula.With his help, an old #12 7T grader is now back at work and providing income for its owner.

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