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Accomodating work

Reasonable accommodations could include: Accommodation request form Please note: The LAM office may ask you to provide a medical statement or sign a medical release.

If your accommodation request is accepted, you and your supervisor should create a plan for implementing the accommodation.

Employees and supervisors can contact the Leave and Accommodation Management (LAM) office for assistance during any step of the process.

Remember that doctor's statements and any medical information shared with you by the employee must remain confidential.

Title VII also prohibits disparate treatment, job segregation, or harassment based on religious belief or practice (or lack thereof), as well as retaliation for the exercise of EEO rights.

EEOC publications on religious discrimination and accommodation are available on our website.

A religious practice may be sincerely held by an individual even if newly adopted, not consistently observed, or different from the commonly followed tenets of the individual's religion. Some practices are religious for one person, but not religious for another person, such as not working on Saturday or on Sunday.

One person may not work on Saturday for religious reasons; another person may not work on Saturday for family reasons.

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