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The products will include: a Recharging Magnetic Mask set (), which was inspired by K-Beauty skin care trends. The brand is releasing its first magnetic tool and iron-based masked formula with magnetic properties, according to the press release.They are also coming out with a Massaging Overnight Recovery Cream (), which is infused with Vitamin C, Argan Oil, Carrot Seed Oil, and Pomegranate Extract to nourish your skin. The Beauty Shield line also includes a Daily Defense Makeup Mist (), a Dual Defense Cleansing Facial Brush (), a Skin Shielding Moisturizer SPF 50 (), a Skin Shielding Primer SPF 50 (), and a Vitamin C Prevention Serum (). If you go back further, German elves were seen in a more positive light, as evidenced by names like the aforementioned Alberich, which date from that period.

The trouble – the reason that people didn’t fully appreciate how badass my name was – is that during the thousand-plus years that folks have been talking about them, we’ve drastically altered what the term “elf” actually refers to.To help us stave off all of our skin’s common enemies.The brand new collection from E.l.f Cosmetics is focused on giving us skin care tools and products to help us prime and protect our skin from sun damage and pollutants that surround us.A historian and poet, Sturluson is the primary reason that we, in 2016, still have access to such an abundance of old Norse literature, myth, and folklore.One of his most important works is the Now, there’s nothing wrong with being a Christian – let me get that out of the way before people in the comments go apoplectic.While much of Germanic folklore depicts elves as forest spirits existing in our own world but staying hidden from us, Norse mythology takes a different approach.In that particular cosmology, elves are seen as wholly different races, residing on worlds separate from our own.These days, when someone says “elf,” chances are that they think of something that more or less resembles Orlando Bloom in the movies aren’t free from other influences, as their depiction of the elves as a martial race with a predilection for archery bears the mark of another elf-heavy bit of fiction: The Forgotten Realms, Dragonlance, and other Dungeons & Dragons campaign settings. By and large they were invented by people who were absolutely in love with the world of Middle Earth and were eager for a way to spend more time there by melding the setting with their wargaming hobby. An Englishman, Tolkien was a scholar of Anglo-Saxon myth, tradition, and folklore (among other things), which served as a basis for much of his Middle Earth cosmology.But while today we see “English” culture as containing bits of French, Celtic, and countless other traditions, the region, its language, its original religion, and especially its folklore is all Germanic in nature.Outside of that, however, classic depictions of elves vary wildly across cultures, making them out to be everything from benevolent helpers to malevolent predators.In medieval German texts, for instance, elves are seen as wicked, monstrous figures, but that wasn’t always the case.

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