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An observation or listening post (12) is located to the front of the platoon, beyond the wire fence.

The Zugfurher's (10) and Zug-Truppfuhrer's (11) positions are also indicated.

Two coast artillery searchlights illuminate the seaward approaches at night (No.l is at G, and No.2 is at H).

Naval mines have also been buried in the beach (E).

The weight of this structure was supported by timber and brick props and pillars in the basement and sub-basement.

A 3ft-thick concrete and steel 'slab' (1) was installed over the basement of the building, together with a sub-layer of interlocking steel beams (2).

The guns formed part of an integrated system of anti-invasion defences.

The men of the battery were billeted in the hotel next to the No.2 Gun.

To the left of the main gun is a concrete holdfast (D) for a 3.7in.

By the time they became operational in 1943, however, the threat from the Luftwaffe had greatly diminished. gun (A) has a power plant next to it (B), and camouflage nets to disguise its concrete base (C).

Much of the facility is now open to the public ___________________________________________________________ German Field Fortifications, 1939-45. G.-Feuerstellung (machine-gun firing position), Unterstand (squad bunker), Schutzenausstieg (exit ladder or steps), Unterschlupf (dugout).

In addition to the main Cabinet Room, other areas contained secretarial offices, canteens, dormitories, Churchill's bedroom and a Map Room. This squad battle trench (Kampfgraben) and approach trench (Annaherungsgraben) depicts the different positions incorporated into it: Schutzenloch fur 2 Schutzen (rifle position for 2 riflemen), Stichgraben (slit trench), Schutzennischen (fire steps), M.

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