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The guns formed part of an integrated system of anti-invasion defences.

Sods of earth for camouflaging the positions have been removed in the rear from beneath trees and brush (9).

The forward perimeter and flanks are protected by a double-apron barbed wire fence (a 'Flanders fence', 8) some 30-50m from the positions, keeping the troops beyond hand-grenade range.

An observation or listening post (12) is located to the front of the platoon, beyond the wire fence.

The Zugfurher's (10) and Zug-Truppfuhrer's (11) positions are also indicated.

Two coast artillery searchlights illuminate the seaward approaches at night (No.l is at G, and No.2 is at H).

Naval mines have also been buried in the beach (E). An inset (J) shows the interior of the observation post for the battery, complete with a depression position finder, spotting binoculars and transmitting dial This battery, located on Primrose Hill in North London, was one of only three twin-5.25in. These guns were diverted from Navy contracts and were obtained in an exchange for Bofors LAA guns. The beach is also protected by a pillbox (I), and also by several Spigot Mortar positions close to the guns. The weight of this structure was supported by timber and brick props and pillars in the basement and sub-basement. A 3ft-thick concrete and steel 'slab' (1) was installed over the basement of the building, together with a sub-layer of interlocking steel beams (2). Anti-tank cubes form the next level of protection (D), with concertina barbed wire laid behind them. Along the beach and behind the battery and observation post (F), tubular scaffolding has been erected to hinder both landings by boat and troop movements (C). Considerable thought was given to the camouflage of coast artillery positions. The Wanstone battery was eventually dismantled in 1957This illustration shows the layout of a typical 'Emergency Battery' position and defended beachhead in 1942. coast defence guns (No.1 Gun is at A, and No.2 Gun is at B), which cover the approaches to the beach. A further inset (J) shows the location of the overall site, looking down on London The fear of the mass-bombing of British cities lead in the late-1930s to the provision of bomb-proof accommodation for the members of British central government. An inset (I) shows the layout of a 1941 -pattern HAA command post, different to the CP in the main illustration: key features include a Lewis gun (i), heightfinder (ii), predictor (iii), plotting room (iv) and emergency exits (v).

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