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In this article, I assume sex is an inevitable part of the English classroom curriculum.

In this article, I couple work from sex education and sex in the English curriculum to analyze a classroom vignette from a larger study examining how a teacher and students negotiated textual meanings and identities in a tenth-grade English classroom.

The vignette illustrates some frequent, unavoidable, often subtle ways sex comes up in texts teachers assign and counter texts youth leverage, which all get negotiated as classroom social texts unfold.

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When asked about the controversial text message campaign urging people to vote 'yes', Mr Brady said "We can't leave any stone unturned in our quest to deliver equality to people.""There are 16 million people out there with a vote and we have a duty to use every mechanism in our power to talk to every one of them about why marriage equality matters, about why it's so important to post your vote and why marriage will take nothing from anybody but will make Australia a fairer place for all," he said.

Currently Mexico recognizes same-sex marriage in several states.

The Mexican Supreme Court has been instrumental in this recognition, advancing an interpretation of marriage outside its historical and textual interpretation.

The current state of same-sex marriage and LGBTI rights in general in Mexico is the consequence of a new interpretation of the role of marriage and the family in the Mexican society, as well as the evolution of the LGBTI movement.

My discussion assumes adolescence is a construct, assembled and maintained through human social interactions at particular times, in particular places, for particular purposes.

Conceptions of youth function at national, state, and local levels through institutional policies and procedures that aim to shape young peoples' lives (Lesko; Petrone and Lewis).

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