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Intimidating coaches

Have O3 and O5 move quickly down into the opposite corners.

Your point guard can pass to the center, or to O3 or O5 in the corners.

Oftentimes, O1 can hit either O2 or O3 with the long pass for the lay-up. Keep in mind that this press is vulnerable to the pass up the sideline. Have a player move up along each sideline (O3 and O4), at about the top of the key extended.

Send one receiver deep to keep their X5 defender from cheating up.

Mencap's head of campaigns and policy, David Congdon, said: 'It is completely unacceptable for Butlins to suddenly turn away a group of adults with a learning disability who had booked to stay at their Skegness holiday camp, especially as they had been holidaying there for the last 19 years.

This page contains a number of specific half-court press-breaks. If you want an effective half-court press-break that applies to most half-court presses, see the "40" press-break in "80-60-40 Press-Breakers".

O1 makes the pass to the center (in this case O4) and O4 should immediately take it to the hoop with the 2-on-1 situation with O5. Just before the trap arrives, he/she must make the pass to the open teammate.

With a 2-2-1, have a tall receiver with good hands (your "tight end") set up in the middle between the two "second tier" defenders.Your point guard takes the ball to one side and tries to commit two defenders to him...then either the "tight end" or sideline teammate will be open.If the X3 defender cheats toward the ball-side, you can bring O3 into the middle for the pass.By using this setup, O1 is occupying two defenders, their X3 is really covering no-one, and their X4 and X5 have to try to cover two players at the same time.Teams will sometimes throw a half-court press at you, especially if they think your ball-handlers are inexperienced and subject to committing turnovers.Steals at half-court can result in easy transition lay-ups for the defense. Using a secondary break after the opponent scores is oftentimes effective.Drill this pass, because this is the one that gets intercepted the most... You may have to teach him to "look the defense off" and pass the opposite way to clear the passing lane. either O2 or O4 should be open for the pass (Diagram B).If the X4 defender cheats up and covers O2, then O4 should be wide open in the corner for the pass.Your point guard has to learn to keep his head up, see the floor, be patient, stay calm and find the open teammate with a good quick pass, just before the trap gets to him.Teach him/her to avoid dribbling between two or three defenders, but stay patient and make the good pass. Teach your team that once the pass gets into your "tight end" or up the sidelines, you should have cutters slashing to the hoop for a quick pass and lay-up.

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