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The couple, who were coordinating in black outfits, were also holding hands. "They're really into each other," a source told us.

"It seems like something that may last awhile."The two were also recently spotted holding hands at the Hammer Museum's 12th Annual Gala at the Garden.

After their meal, the cute couple were snapped hugging outside while waiting for their car.

While they kept their PDA to a minimum, the duo seemed to be very comfortable as Moennig wrapped her arms around Wood. broke the news that Wood and Moennig have been going out for at least two months.

'Mildred lets her daughter get away with anything and that’s why Veda has no respect for her .’ The actress is full of praise for her on-screen mother, who is only 12 years older than her.

'We were actually more like sisters, joking around and giggling and playing pranks.

She began acting professionally and, at five, auditioned for Neil Jordan’s film Interview with the Vampire (1994), with Tom Cruise. Her brothers remained in North Carolina with their father, while Wood moved to Los Angeles with her mother to pursue acting.

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'It was devastating being separated from my brothers.actress explained to USA TODAY that she's ditching dresses for this year's awards season, to show young girls that formal wear for women doesn't just include flowing gowns."I decided early in the year not to wear any dresses to awards shows to be a gentle reminder to young girls and women that you're not required one if you don't want to, to really be yourself and that your worth is more than the dresses that you wear," she said.As Wood explained to Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet, two unconventional menswear icons inspired her evening's suit: David Bowie and Marlene Dietrich.“I’ve worn a dress every time. "I want to make sure that young girls and women know they aren’t a requirement."In fact, nearly every public appearance Wood has made lately has been in sleek jumpsuits or colorful suits: navy blue Jonathan Simkhai at the BAFTA Tea Party, gold-starred Alberta Ferretti at In addition to her sartorial activism, Wood has spoken openly about identifying as bisexual in the years since she publicly came out in 2010. ’ Veda is an aspiring pianist, who eventually becomes a world-class opera star, so Wood had to learn to play the piano and to lip-sync to opera .Even more challenging was a pivotal nude scene, depicting a dramatic confrontation between Veda and Mildred. 'I’ve done nudity before, but I’ve never shown everything like I did this time, and I was very nervous.Only 14 when she made the film, she was nominated for a Golden Globe.Now 23, she is a veteran and confesses, 'I’m kind of a snob when it comes to choosing films.’ Her latest role as Kate Winslet’s viperous daughter, Veda, in the HBO miniseries Mildred Pierce, directed by Todd Haynes, is equally impressive.She orders peppermint tea and smoked-salmon sandwiches, while chatting about her current musical obsession: 'I am a diehard Justin Bieber fan. I’m the last person in the world you’d expect to like him,’ she says of the tween pop sensation.'I’m telling you his music is brilliant.’ Wood has had Hollywood at her feet since her startling performance in the teen drama Thirteen (2003) as a sexually precocious adolescent on the fast track to self-destruction.Wood, who stated that she is bisexual back in 2011, was previously married to actor Jamie Bell.Wood and Bell broke up back in May after nearly two years of marriage.

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