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Wordpress validating forms

To process submissions related to your form only, you need finer control as shown below: variables.As you may have guessed already, despite its name, can handle POST and GET requests as well as requests for admin and non-admin areas of the application.The practice plugin can be downloaded from here to follow along with the article.

However, the minimum required PHP version for my plugin is 5.6.0.

Note: If you don’t use namespaces or use procedural code you must prefix everything.

I built the plugin using object-oriented programming practices with the help of a plugin boilerplate.

Boilerplate Starting Points are among the many best practices listed in the Word Press Plugin Handbook.

It’s similar to the original project in many aspects but also has support for namespaces and autoloading.

This way I don’t need to have unique prefixes for every class or function, and don’t end up with a lot of statements.It assumes that you have a working knowledge of HTML, Java Script, j Query, PHP and the Word Press Plugin API.If you’d like a refresher, I recommend that you read through the following: Let’s get started by first understanding the built-in Word Press mechanism to handle a regular form post request.The gamut of hooks available in Word Press gives you great control over the flow of execution of your application.This is no different when it comes to processing forms.For this article, I’ve prepared a custom plugin that you can download from here to follow along.I recommend that you have it open in a suitable editor and install it on a local Word Press setup only.The form code below is self-explanatory, so let’s walk through the important elements: to add it directly.Here’s a great article to understand Nonces in detail.While I’ll stay within the admin realms of Word Press, the same concepts are applicable while working with forms in the public facing areas.I’ll also be making use of object-oriented programming constructs for the plugin; however, you can achieve the same result using procedural code as well.

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