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Remarkably, less than two percent of the Jewish population of Denmark perished -- and Denmark later apologized for sending 19 Jews to concentration camps.

Air conditioning is considered health-related, because if things get too hot, people (especially the elderly, etc.) could faint or be exposed to other dangers.

Even in the above-mentioned cases, a Jew is only allowed to ask a non-Jew to do a rabbinic-level action.

We might need to spend time and energy to keep a friend.

We may have to tolerate some of his negative habits. Nevertheless, the price we pay for a close friend is a worthwhile investment.

We've always helped them out, not understanding the full reasoning behind this tradition.

We have a good relationship with them but we are curious as to how they must view us.

Why is it okay for them to ask us to "work" during their Sabbath?

Do they then consider us inferior because we are doing these neighborly favors?

When we observe is the being that was created in the Divine image.

Although God is completely beyond comprehension, His attributes are known to us, and when we emulate the Divine attributes, such as kindness and compassion, we achieve our mission of making other people aware of Godliness.

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