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In Japan, a network of brothels permitted by American officials opened as United States troops began arriving in August 1945.

The white-supremacist fetish combines those ideas and highlights a tension within the project of white supremacism as America grows more diverse — a reality that white nationalists condemn as “white genocide.” The new, ugly truth?

Maintaining white power may require some compromises on white purity.

Does she resent being typecast as the hot, horny Asian as much as I resented being seen as a “model minority”?

Yet after I was called “white” at age 14, it felt, paradoxically, like a compliment to be nicknamed Geisha Girl by another friend, a well-meaning gay white boy. But the nickname became our inside joke, and it symbolized the kind of femininity that attracted the boys I liked, but that I have never really possessed. Since then, I have acted out in all manner of ways to dispel the “model minority” image.

Instinctively, I knew it meant distancing myself from the other Asian kids, especially the nerdy and studious ones.

I knew I had succeeded when a friend remarked that I wasn’t really Asian, I was white, “because you’re cool.”As I skipped classes to smoke in the courtyard, read Baudelaire to seem the “interesting” kind of smart and attempted to distance myself from the stereotypes, I didn’t know that the idea I wanted to run from — of Asians as civilized, advanced and highly intelligent — had roots in white supremacy.But between the white supremacist Chris Cantwell’s tattoo of a Japanese character and the Charleston shooter Dylann Roof’s speculations that Asians “could be great allies of the white race,” there are echoes of history’s most infamous white nationalist.“I have never regarded the Chinese or the Japanese as being inferior to ourselves,” Adolf Hitler said in 1945.“They belong to ancient civilizations, and I admit freely that their past history is superior to our own.”In the United States, the model-minority myth grew from Asian-Americans’ mid-20th-century efforts to win civil rights, as the scholar Ellen D.White politicians co-opted the myth, pointing to Asian-Americans as proof that the right kind of minority group could achieve the American dream.Professor Wu found that just months before the release of the 1965 Moynihan Report, the widely influential policy paper that attributed black poverty to a degenerate black culture, its author, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, spoke at a gathering of intellectuals and policymakers about how Japanese- and Chinese-Americans, considered “colored” just 25 years earlier, were “rather astonishing.” “Am I wrong that they have ceased to be colored? In reality, Asians are rarely considered white, and the model-minority myth obscures the vast differences among Asian-Americans.Thankfully, I’m not required to care or let it define me; for what it’s worth, I am even entitled to play up the stereotypes if I see something to be gained.Maybe this is where the Asian girlfriends of alt-right men stand.Douglas Mac Arthur declared them off limits in 1946.In South Korea, an estimated 300,000 women were working in the sex trade by 1958 (after the end of the Korean War), with more than half employed in the “camptowns” around the American bases.If Asians are the model minority — if that is how nonwhites can find acceptance in white America — then perhaps that opens the door to acceptance from white supremacists.The second myth is that of the subservient, hypersexual Asian woman.

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