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Soon the English expanded the colonies by eradicating natives and took over three new islands for the colony.

The only borough not to be recreated in the game is Staten Island.The new rendition of the city is, more likely, the "official" GTA universe's version of New York City.The city has more detail and personality, with many places which are based on landmarks such as the Statue of Happiness, Star Junction, and the Rotterdam Tower.The politicians of Liberty City moved to Washington DC when Liberty City's status as the capital of the nation was removed and given to DC.Frederick O' Fitzpatrick decided to head to the south and teach them a lesson after tensions risen and a civil war was on the horizon, but before doing so constructed Middle Park.Bohan, Dukes and Broker can also be seen on the left, while the State of Alderney can be seen towards the right.As of 2008, the population of Liberty City is 8,363,710.Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars uses the entire city apart from Alderney, and is altered for the top-down perspective of the game.In Grand Theft Auto V, the films Meltdown and An American Divorce produced by Richards Majestic Productions are set in Liberty City.Liberty City is divided into 56 individual and unique neighbourhoods which are spread across four boroughs within Liberty City and border the neighboring state of Alderney, including Alderney City.Whereas the 3D Universe version of Liberty City was partly located on the mainland, the GTA IV version is completely made up of islands. Also contains a mix of trendy middle-class neighborhoods. This is the borough in which Niko Bellic initially arrives to Liberty City.

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