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There were 765 households out of which 29.4% had children under the age of 18 living with them, 49.3% were married couples living together, 10.6% had a female householder with no husband present, and 35.7% were non-families.

Of all households, 28.8% were made up of individuals and 11.8% had someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older.

This is what we have to offer and our guests have come to expect while staying at Golden Hook Camp.

I closed my eyes and concentrated as much as I could. I passed the book to Santiago, but he did not get a proper response to his question. He thought for a while and finally asked, “Red Book, is there any ghost in this house? I did not know how much I would regret asking, “Red Book, will I be safe tonight?

” He opened the book and got his anwser: “Man is always looking for answers to the unknown.” This response left us astonished, but it was Sebastian’s turn next. ” This is the answer I received: “Two men appeared and their dreams turned to nightmares.” The candles I had arranged on the table flickered ominously, but they didn’t go out. ” The answer was: “His mother, who loved him so much, never laid eyes on him again.” The atmosphere became tense, a cold sweat ran down my face and for the first time, I was afraid. Do you think that this relates to your comment about sleeping with your mother tonight…?

We continued for several turns without obtaining a proper answer, until finally, something happened. This is the answer he received: “Nothing can save you now.” Suddenly, the candles flickered and went out. Terrified, we all scrambled to our feet, ran out the door and left the house. I asked Sebastian and James to follow him and make sure he was OK.

It was Camilo’s turn, so he said, “Red Book, can I enter your game? “We have to exit the game properly.” Sebastian took the book and asked, “Red Book, can I leave your game? He repeated the question again, his voice trembling with fear. I was so spooked that I had to wait for my mother to arrive home before I could go back into the house.

Golden Hook Camp is a drive to camp located in Northwest Ontario. Just 20 klicks or 12 miles south of Red Lake, Ontario. Gullrock Lake along with Keg, Two island, Ranger and Red Lake are all navigable from our camp. We are committed to providing a clean camp and equipment ready for your arrival.

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All lakes have excellent Walleye and Northern Pike fishing. So come up and enjoy NW Ontario's "Sunset Country".Now that you know how to play, I will tell you about my experience.There were four of us – Santiago, Sebastian, Camilo and myself. His parents are still searching for him, but at this point, most of us have given up hope.Step 5: To end the game, you should ask, “Red Book, can I leave your game?” You cannot end the game until all players have permission to leave.Red Book is a paranormal game from Mexico where you use a book to contact a spirit who will answer questions and divine the future.It is also known as “El juego del libro rojo” or “The game of red book”.I looked at my friends and they could not stop laughing at the frightened expression on my face. “I think tonight I’m going to have to sleep with my mother,” joked Camilo nervously. He asked if he could enter the game and got this response: “Go away! ” This time we all looked at each other in surprise. We were gathered in my house when we decided to play this game. Maybe it was because I was the bravest, or perhaps it was because I was the most foolhardy… The point is that I was the first to pick up the book, close my eyes and say, “Red Book, can I enter your game? The answer was something completely devoid of meaning, so I gave the book to Santiago, who repeated my actions. We tried to call him, but his mobile was turned off. The police were notified and a big search was organized, but no trace of him was never found. Every night, before I fall asleep, one phrase keeps echoing in my head…He placed his finger on a blank page, so he handed the book to Camilo. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath and anxiously asked if he could leave the game. We yelled at him to stop, but he didn’t seem to hear us.

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