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Unfortunately, since the ultra was completely hand built it ended up with a very limited number ever produced due to the high retail cost at the time.According to Dan Smith in a conversation I had with him in the early 1990′s only between 25 and 30 were ever built.Like the rest of the Master Series guitars these included the standard (2 p.u.

While his is definitely the nicer in appearance (I believe it is the actual guitar that is pictured in the promo material for the Master Series D’Aquisto) but mine is perhaps a 1/4″ larger (remember these were individually carved) and I thought sounded bigger.

Of course my opinion is less credible 20 years later after they have both been played and opened up over the years.

I brought another local jazz guitarist from here in Buffalo to see him and he now owns Chris’ rare custom L5.

While there I asked him about the D’Aquisto prototype and he said it was one of the last guitars he had but he had tried to sell it it on ebay and ran into some some problems due to its providence.

The Master series was conceived by the new management group at Fender and consisted of the Flame (standard, elite, and ultra), the Esprit (standard, elite, and ultra), and finally the D’Aquisto (standard, elite, and ultra).

The Flame and Esprit were electrics with chambered bodies.

The double-bound alder body and multi-ply pickguard that dressed up the -62 Telecaster guitar distinguished it from its Butterscotch predecessor.

And rosewood, originally introduced for cosmetic reasons because maple was prone to showing wear, quickly grew in popularity with the warmth it added to the classic Telecaster tone.

Dan was able to of course verify the authenticity and ebay informed Chris that he could relist the guitar (EBAY and FENDER LEGAL DEPT. ) When talking with Chris this past summer I told him I was not ready to retire but was trying to get someone to produce the first 21st c.

guitar which is what I now play.* The only way I could afford to have a my own “prototype” built was to raise some capitol so…. My guitar is the sunburst model shown above which was the second one built # 4 0102. Chris and I have a friendly debate over whose guitar is better.

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