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However, anyone who is walking through a door should hold it for the other person, male or female. Hand-shaking is the ultimate greeting, and it is the most common gesture all over the world.In the workplace, anyone may extend their hand to shake and the person who extends first is always perceived to be the most confident and in control, as opposed to a social setting, where a man should always wait for a woman to extend her hand first.I believe that, going forward, people are also going to be hesitant about closing doors for private meetings.

If we were talking about a dating workshop, absolutely, chivalrous behavior is a necessity.

But in the workplace, because men and women are theoretically on an equal playing field, men do not have to hold the door open just to let a lady walk through.

If you want to post articles that have to do with work, something complimentary about another person, or something that is benign such as the holidays, great. Don't put it all out there on social media like our president.

We can no longer look to the very top for these kinds of lessons.

If a woman is leaning in for a hug or air kiss, you can certainly return. We need to understand that there is such a thing as a sphere of personal space, and that it is 18 inches around, basically the length of your arm.

No one needs to invade that area unless given specific permission to do so.The choice of words, the tone in our voice and the word selection are important.Omit foul language and things like yelling in the workplace — that's not allowed anymore and needs to be put in check.You can always go into a conference room, which is a larger space, and offer to have someone in HR present, or you can make it known that you don't need the door closed for privacy.Even things like giving co-workers rides can be problematic now. Just remember that in today's climate, we can never presume.If you're meeting somebody European who prefers to kiss, it is right cheek first, then the left, and really just an air kiss — your mouth should never touch their face.While I did say in the workplace women and men are on a level playing field, I would yield to the female's discretion for anything more than a handshake.What's unique about Los Angeles and the entertainment industry in particular is that there isn't a dividing line between work and play.People need to almost act as an ambassador of their company at all times.Recent sexual harassment scandals have opened the floodgates in what is turning out to be a watershed moment in the industry and in corporate America as a whole.Our society is suffering a crisis of character across the board in which men and women are questioning their roles in the workplace. Because we can now capture anything on our phones, there's never been a greater need to learn the rules of behavior, both written and unwritten.

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